Italian brewery history

Today in Semedorato History:

On August 8th 2014, our first brewery in Sicily was inaugurated.

From this day on, we began crafting the light, cool, and refreshing taste of Semedorato and set our sights on sharing this unique flavor with the world. Here’s to humble beginnings and fantastic progress!

It’s been 5 years and…

1) Semedorato beer sell 5 million bottles a year, and continue to see constant growth and clear expansion
2) They have upgraded our factory, passing from an initial production of 13.000 HL to 50.000 HL.
3) They have about 250 active distributors of which some in the north, central and South Italy
4) Semedorato have 12 importers: 1 Switzerland, 2 France, 1 Holland, 1 England, 1 Costa Rica, 1 Panama, 1 United States of America, 1 Canada, 1 Australia, 1 China, 1 Portugal (next activations: Germany and Russia).
5) On top of being the most sold Sicilian beer in Sicily, Semedorato have won 5 Awards, 2 national and 3 International.


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